How to create scenes with our Photoshop essentials object asset pack.


1. Extract files and open Blank_Scene.psd to create a new scene.

Note: you should always save a new copy or duplicate Blank_Scene.psd to prevent destructive saving.


2. To add objects open an object psd e.g. Bottles_&_Cans.psd

Note: you can add objects to your scene from any object psd.


3. Detach Object file from the tab bar to create a new window and make sure the move tool has Auto Selection ticked and Show Transform Controls unticked so you can easily grab objects and drop them into your new scene.


4. Resize and arrange your objects to suit your scene.

Note: All objects are high quality smart objects and can be resized to up to 5000 x 5000 pixels.


Note: Make sure your objects are under the lighting layer so that lighting affects them.


5. Double click smart object symbol on your object to edit colours and add your logos and designs.


6. Easily change colours of the object under the colour folder




7. Double click on (Your Design Here) Smart object to add a design or logo.

Note: Some objects will not have a place for a design and logo, but you will still be able to change its colour.


8. Change colours and add your logo as you would a normal document. Once you are happy with your design, close the document making sure to save changes.

Note: Some smart objects will include a mask layer. Duplicate the mask and add it to your new design layer. 

All changes in the smart object document will be updated in your object document. 


9. Repeat and save object document to update scene document.


10. Once back in your scene document you will notice all changes have been updated. change the background colour and arrange objects as you wish. and thats it! your done!