How to add designs to mockups in Photoshop for Mac / Windows

*We recommend using Photoshop Cs6 or higher when using our mockups.


1. Unzip your files

Once you have downloaded your compressed zip file after purchasing you can uncompress the file buy double clicking on it. You may need unzipping software if your computer doesn't have one already. We recommend 7zX for Mac 


2. Open your .psd file

Double click on any psd file to edit. sometimes packs come with multiple Photoshop files for different angles of the mockup.


3. Open smart object layer

Click on the smart object thumbnail to open the smart object and change the logo.


4. Delete the stand in logo layer

Click the logo layer and then click the rubbish bin icon to delete.


5. Replace stand in logo with your own design

Drag and drop your design into the art board and resize accordingly. 


6. Invert logo if needed

Click on image > Adjustment > Invert to change the logo from black to white.


7. Save and close the smart object

Once you are happy with the logo, click "command + s" to save then close the file.



8. Thats it!

When going back into the first file you will notice the logo has updated. You can always go back to the smart object if needed to change the logo at any time.